Municipal Law

Our experience provides us with a unique ability to provide specialized service in municipal law.

Sager LLP is fortunate to have the expertise of former mayor, district councilor and school district chair Mark Sager who has been involved in all aspects of municipal law and understands its complexities. We have seasoned corporate solicitors who know how to navigate the rules and regulations of municipalities and litigation counsel who have worked to resolve issues at all levels of government.

At Sager, we are able to bring a diverse wealth of knowledge to municipal issues. We understand the big picture, the objectives of governments and how they impact those who live here. We have effectively represented governments, the public and corporations around British Columbia in municipal matters and are able to provide creative, strategic solutions to complex issues.

We routinely represent our clients in matters such as:

  • property development
  • zoning
  • bylaw interpretation and enforcement
  • property acquisition
  • submissions at municipal hearings and counsel meetings
  • regulation interpretation and application
  • agreement drafting and negotiation
  • assisting with permits and policies
  • statutory interpretation



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